In my opinion, songwriting is the most important part of music. Take an honest song and it will move you, no matter the genre, and can still carry weight even with a not so great mix. You can throw all the $$$ at a song, hand it to the best producer out there, and get something pretty neat. It’ll entertain you, maybe make you vibe but… it won’t wreck you, it wont move you. When I first listened to the band LANY I crossed my arms, heard the keyboards, drum machines, and didn’t expect to be moved. “This would be good on my workout mix” but it won’t make it on my “Cry myself asleep and question everything I’ve ever done jamz.” 

    “LANY” by LANY changed my feeling about the band. Songs like Hericane, Hurts, and Tampa opened me up to the rest of the bands catalogue. Go listen to Hericane right now…

“Stop all this sin, be born again, if you want to”

“Our home’s a wreck, look at this mess, you blame it on, disobedience”

    Those lyrics aren’t trendy, not very cool, but I got it, or at least felt I could connect to it. The song is filled with creative and clever lyrics that don’t compromise honesty for trendiness. It takes you on a six minute ride that ends too soon. Braveheart is north of 3 hours long but you never complain about it. When a song can make you feel the same way that’s a big deal, especially when in the Pop world you get 3.5 minutes to make your mark before your audience checks out. The sheer length of the song makes me believe Paul (assuming he wrote it) really wanted to say something.

    LANY is an indie electronic pop band through and through. That may not be your vibe, it wasn't mine. If you’ve shut the door on LANY for the sake of genre or because you think it doesn't have any lyrical moxy, give their album another shot. Start with the 3 songs named here and see if it opens up the rest of the album up for you (there’s a link below). It’s easy to throw shade at a genre and at an artist. I’m good at crossing my arms and thinking I’ve got a band figured out, however, when I hear a song and start to cry, think, or sink deep into a swamp of feelings, I became disarmed haha.

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