Sewing Kit: One Day


    “One Day” was the first song I wrote after moving from Tulsa to Fort Worth. I remember very vividly driving around in Lake Worth Texas. I was stopped at a stop light and caught myself singing these words under my breath,

"One day I will be a better man..." 

    I was not in the best of places personally when I came to Texas. I was angry, bitter, and felt that I had left Tulsa in a sort of state of defeat. I knew moving was something I needed to do for several reasons. I realized very quickly one of those reasons was sorting out my thoughts on who I was, who I am, and who I wanted to be. Singing, "I don't belong to you, but I sure would like to." helped me acknowledge that while I'm not where I want to be right now, while I'm not quite the person I wanted to be or that I imagined being as a child, I am on my way. 

    The last verse,

“One day I'll be buried in the sand, with every hope and every good intention. One day the world wont remember who I am, who I was, or what I wanted."

I felt was the perfect way to end a song about myself and my goals. While it may seem dark and maybe a bit self defeating I think it provides perspective, at least for me it does. That is my hope for the listener.

    What do you think? Do you connect with the song? What verse, what lyrics, make you think about your life and journey. Let me know  by commenting below.You can listen to the song for free using the link at the top of the page. You can also help me out by listening to the song on Spotify, and Apple Music using the links below. 

Big thanks to Keith Duel, Chas Tackett for your help with programing, Johnluke Lewis for your help polishing up vocals, Billy Hazard for you excellent guitar work, Brad King for mixing and putting up with all my of my requests and edits haha, Megan, Daws for your voice and allowing me to record in your apartment, and Seth Talley for a great master. So many people helped make this song what it is and I am so thankful. 

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